Spinally injured dog treated at Jivdaya Charitable Trust.

Abandoned Labrador Retriever rescued and got to JCT

This chocolate Labrador was got to ‪‎JCT‬ by a family who found him abandoned on the roads. This old loving fellow was abandoned by his owners because he was aging and was suffering from a skin disease and was also suffering from deafness! He is well taken care of here at Jivdaya! We request people to […]

Dog Suffering With Recurrent Rectal Prolapse was got to JCT for treatment

This dog was admitted with recurrent rectal prolapse which is a condition in which one or more layers of rectum are displaced through the anus. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including disorders of digestive, urinary or genital systems. Initially the doctor did external suturing to set the prolaspe in place but […]

A Case of human cruelty treated at Jivdaya Charitable Trust

How cruel can Humans be? Is this what these innocent Animals deserve? A Puppy and its mother were tied together cruelly by someone with a plastic thread. They were in a very pitiful condition when they were brought in for treatment. The puppy’s hind leg was tied to its mother’s fore leg which made it […]

Dog slashed by a sharp blade got to Jivdaya Charitable Trust for Treatment

A chill will down run one’s spine after he witnesses this sight. This dog was slashed at using a sharp blade and was rushed to jct in a very critical condition by a humble person. Our doctors took the case immediately and performed an emergency operation. By God’s grace the poor fellow is doing well […]

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