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A story of an Abandoned dog treated at Jivdaya Trust

June 9, 2015

The abandoned dog rescued and got to Jivdaya

Simba , who was abandoned by its owner for no fault of its own. Its dilapidated condition melted the heart of one of our trustees, Gira Shah and she took the dog in her custody and brought it directly to our institution. Initially Simba felt somewhat awkward because of the new environment but our experts handled the situation well and Simba fitted well in its new home. Our doctor did a thorough check up and found that the dog was suffering from some ear problem. The doctor did a surgery to mend its malady and now Simba is perfectly well. It is a very lovable dog and its only demand is love. After so much suffering we just hope that god usher his blessing on Simba. Long live Simba.

The affected ear being operated by the doctor

The dog after surgery.

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