Horn Cancer in a cow treated at Jivdaya Charitable Trust

Abandoned Labrador Retriever rescued and got to JCT

This chocolate Labrador was got to ‪‎JCT‬ by a family who found him abandoned on the roads. This old loving fellow was abandoned by his owners because he was aging and was suffering from a skin disease and was also suffering from deafness! He is well taken care of here at Jivdaya! We request people to […]

Newly Born Bat babies at Jivdaya Charitable Trust

A female Pipistrille bat was brought to us with a kite string injury on the wing.  On examination our doctor’s found out that she was pregnant. She was given necessary treatment. She was very weak and died after giving birth to twin babies. They will be taken care at our facility till they are old […]

Dog with an oral tumor treated at Jivdaya’s Hospital

A dog from Gulbaitekra area was brought to Jivdaya’s hospital with an oral tumor on the maxilla involving the gums and teeth. On examination our doctor of Jivdaya  confirmed it as a case of epulis and hence he planned to go for cryo surgery to avoid profuse bleeding which happens in routine techniques. Ion cryo […]

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