A Dog with a bad cut on his face treated at Jivdaya Trust

Ongoing Jackal's treatment
dog with a bad cut on its face

A dog was brought to JCT in our ambulance service with lacerated wound. The wound was extended from left lip and continued up to neck. The wound was so severe that it exposed the parotid gland as well as the carotid artery; luckily it was not cut and the dog was saved. On emergency basis the dog was taken in for surgery by Dr. Sharva Shah and he was prepared for surgery. After shaving off the hairs around the wound the injured part was flushed with warm salineThen Dr. Sharva sutured the internal muscles covering the main artery and the gland that were exposed and finally the skin was closed. A lot many sutures were taken to appose the open skin. Finally the dog recovered from anesthesia and is now recuperating at our shelter. He started taking food normally within 14 hours of surgery.

Doctor suturing the wound
Doctor suturing the wound
the dog recovered fully after surgery
the dog recovered fully after surgery

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