Save Homeless Abandon Stray Cows in Gujarat

Projects Save Homeless Abandon Stray Cows in Gujarat


After dogs and horses, cow was one of the first few species domesticated by humans. As per the Vedas, cow is considered as a universal symbol. They benefit the humans and the environment in many ways that humans fail to recognize or appreciate and often abandoned them on the road when diseased or injured or simply unable to produce milk anymore. The idea behind this project by ‘Jivdaya charitable trust’ is to promote scientific rehabilitation and motivate urban & rural community to save the homeless abandoned stray cows for sustainable agriculture, health-nutrition and environment and more focus on the cow care management.


  • Due to urbanization many cattle are being disowned or abandoned everyday by their owners when it stops producing milk or injured or diseased.
  • There are innumerable homeless abandoned cows are on street meeting with road accidents, malnourished, dehydrated, diseased and living a hurtful life every day.
  • There are very few proper treatment facilities for these innocent species who are deceasing quietly after serving the purpose for humans with their lives.


  • This project will improve welfare of unowned, abandoned stray cows living in human dominated areas in urban and rural setting.
  • Jivdaya provides medical care to diseased and injured cows by the experienced veterinarians and help control zoonotic diseases like Anthrax, listeriosis, salmonellosis, Q fever, Rabies, tuberculosis etc. by our expert team.

Long Term Impact

The cow has been called ‘GOMATA’(Mother) for a reason. Everything it produces is for the benefit of the mankind and creation at large. The all-giving cows provide mankind with nourishment, sustainability and many more. Conservation of homeless innocent and abandon Indian cows is important for Sustainable health, eco agriculture and sustainable environmental development. This program will treat and rehabilitate the vulnerable stray cows with all the medical needs and will motivate people to take proper care of them.

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