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Every year thousands of birds are injured, displaced, orphaned, and suffer illness due to anthropogenic threats. We rescue, treat, and rehabilitate birds of over 100 species including critically endangered vultures. – This project will help upgrade current rehabilitation facilities – We plan elaborate capacity building of our staff – We will train avian rehabilitators from various organizations across India – We will carry out comprehensive community awareness programs promoting coexistence


  • Over 2000 infant water birds are displaced every year due to habitat degradation and loss of nesting areas.
  • Over 5000 birds more than 100 species (local & migrated) become a victim of deadly glass coated kite string during ‘Uttarayan, The Kite Flying Festival’ every year in Gujarat
  • Annual deaths of an average of 20 critically endangered white-rumped vultures are reported due to unnatural factors like glass coated kite string injuries, poisoning, electrocution etc.


Through this project Jivdaya rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release injured, diseased, distressed, orphaned, and displaced birds using science-based guidelines and protocols.

Long Term Impact

Conservation of endangered and common bird species of Ahmedabad through scientific rehabilitation, and public education through awareness.

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