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There are many strays and abandoned animals on the road who suffer from varied injuries due to road accidents, victims of human cruelty, seasonal & zoonotic diseases and gravely in need of a proper medical supervision but as they are ownerless often time they succumb to death without any treatment. Keeping their pain and suffering in mind Jivadaya Charitable Trust has taken the initiative to run 3 mobile clinic van service to provide proper treatment, medication and vaccination to the strays in their local areas where the treatment and recovery both will be quick and stress free. With the help of this project Jivadaya treated over 80,000 strays till date in the city of Ahmedabad.


  • Due to extreme urbanization and de forestation many animals become stray and lost their natural habitats
  • These strays often face the consequences of human ignorance and suffer
  • They also become victims of severe inhuman acts which lead to a permanent damaged life or certain death
  • seasonal or zoonotic disease like influenza, tuberculosis, rabies, anthrax, canine distemper etc which can put an end to their lives.


  • Through this project Jivdaya provides prompt and timely treatment to injured & diseased animals
  • Our 3 mobile clinic vans deliver medical assistance to the local area of the strays where it gets a stress- free speedy recovery
  • All 3 of our mobile clinic vans are well equipped with proper medical instruments, an expert vet and an experienced vet assistance who not only treat the strays but also vaccinate them to secure their lives from any zoonotic diseases such as rabies, anthrax etc.

Long Term Impact

This project will improve the wellbeing of strays of Ahmedabad and with time this city will be free from rabies and other zoonotic diseases which will eliminate the risk of spreading these diseases amongst human society and both humans and animals will co-exist in harmony and peace. After all…….’A healthy dog is the best friend of a human’

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