Jivdaya Charitable Trust - Milestone


Advancement within 7 years

We started with a small Office/dispensary in the Panjrapol Campus with 1 ambulance Van and 4 staff members. With generous help, donations and co-operative and efficient staff; we are now a family of 40 dedicated staff members and now have the facility of 3 ambulance vans and 2 operation theatres.

Office 1 with no sub sections 1 with 3 sub sections
Ambulance van 1 3
Staff 4 40
Special Equipment NIL 13
Operation Theatre NIL 2
Capacity 3 35
Medicine Store NIL 1
Different Wards NIL 6
EXP. Dr. 1 6
Trustees 4 6

Certification and Registration

80 G – Tax Exemption Certificate
AWBI – Animal Wellfare Board of India
Foreign Currency Registration Account

Jivdaya Doctors have been awarded 1st and 2nd place in the National Surgery Conference

Jivdaya has been Approved by the Forest Department to treat Schedule Animals & Birds


Internship programs

We have students coming down to our hospital to get training from U.K and U.S.
Specialized Doctors from India and Abroad provide services to us during the Save Birds Campaign in January every year.

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