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Jivdaya Charitable Trust is a non-government animal welfare organization that provides medical care to un-owned domestic animals and also runs a rehabilitation centre for wild birds and small mammals. Our objective is to help animals in pain and suffering and we try our best to nurture them back to a healthy and happy life. Our facility is located in the centre of the city and very well connected by roads. Animal lovers from all over the city routinely bring in injured and ill stray animals to our hospital. Similarly we receive a variety of wild birds and small mammals at our rehabilitation centre. We also run a mobile treatment van that attends to cases not requiring hospitalization.

Our facility is situated inside the Ahmedabad Parjrapole Campus, Ambawadi. It was set up in 2008 and has treated well over 100,000 animals since then.

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Great White Pelicans treated at JCT

We had 5 Great White Pelicans come in that were injured by kite string. Four of them had their wings cut rather badly...

A baby Alexandrine Parakeet suffering with a...

A baby Alexandrine Parakeet also known as Alexandrian Parrot (Psittacula eupatria) had been brought to Jivdaya...

12 Emu’s Rescued and treated at Jivdaya

What explanation should one give for such an act of barbarity? The forest department officials along with some animals...

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