A dog hit by an oncoming train got to Jivdaya Charitable Trust for treatment

The dog got to JCT after the accident.
The dog got to JCT after the accident.

A dog was brought to Jivdaya in a bad condition. Both it’s fore limbs were badly injured because of a train accident!
The train accident had left him in a lot of pain and had changed him for a lifetime. He was brought to ‪Jivdaya Charitable Trust‬ by the family who was looking after him. He was given immediate treatment and regular treatment is still going on for this dog. His family insisted on taking care of him at home and they make it a point to come to Jivdaya’s hospital for his treatment, we hope he recovers soon.

The dog got to JCT after the accident.
The dog after its bandage was done at Jivdaya

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