An abandoned cow got to Jivdaya Charitable Trust for treatment.

the infected eye of the cow
the infected eye of the cow

A cow was brought to our hospital for treatment, she had a huge gaping wound near her eye and had also lost her eye due to the severe maggot infestation in it. She was abandoned by her owner after she had stopped giving milk and was of no use any more. A small untreated wound near the eye resulted in a severe maggot infestation. The cow was very weak and in a real bad condition. We treated her, removed all the maggots and let her rest. But sadly after 5 days she died, we had tried our best but atleast she went peacefully and painlessly. This is all due to the fault of the owner who neglected the poor cow after her use.

JCT's doctor treating the wound
JCT’s doctor treating the wound
the dressing done on the cow's eye
the dressing done on the cow’s eye

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