30 Bank Maynas were rescued and got to Jivdaya Charitable Trust.

Jivdaya Charitable Trust had received over 30 Bank Maynas in a very pitiful condition.


They were all badly burnt as they came in contact with a dangerous chemical, they have been brought from the industrial region at a factory in Narol.
These maynas have been rescued and got to out hospital where they were first cleaned with the help of warm water so it would give them some relief.
The chemical that has affected them has also showed adverse effects on human skin as our staff that was indulged in their cleaning have also complained of having an effect of it. The birds are in a horrible condition and have been kept under observation.

This is just very shocking for us to have witnessed such an incident.

JCT's Staff releasing the maynas
JCT’s Staff releasing the maynas

After 2 months of treatment and care ‪#‎JCT‬ has released 19 Mayna’s after they had recovered fully. Others will also be released once the doctor’s declare that they are fit to fly.

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