Great White Pelicans treated at JCT

Birds Need you this summer!

Please help our feathered Friends beat the heat! When water puddles dry up during the summer – birds are known to collapse from dehydration. Many birds, including the common house sparrow (Passer domesticus), are decreasing worldwide. Today, our farms are full of poisonous pesticides and insecticides. Birds are finding it increasingly difficult to find food […]

Domestic ducks rescued from the City of Ahmedabad.

Ducks Jivdaya Charitable Trust got a call from the ‘gurjari bazar’ in Ahmedabad where someone spotted some ducks caught up in the river and they immediately  called Jivdaya to the rescue. When our volunteers reached on spot they saw young ducks struggling in the water. They saved as many as they could and brought 13 […]

Ducklings rescued and brought up at Jivdaya Charitable Trust

5 Ducklings had been rescued and got to Jivdaya by a Police inspector Ashvin Sinh from Shahibaug police headquarters . These Ducklings . are being raised at our hospiatl. They have been given a proper natural environment here at our hospital. They are also been giving swimming space in our pond so they feel more […]

Over 10000 chicks left abandoned were rescued and got to Jivdaya Charitable Trust

Over 10000 chicks were left abandoned by a truck fellow at night near Agora Mall, Chandkheda. The chicks were packed in cardboard boxes which had torn because of the rain last night. The chicks were scattered all over the place. The chicks had hid in the safety of the bushes. Over 5000 chicks were dead […]

Effect of the Heat Wave on birds admitted at Jivdaya Charitable Trust

The extreme heat wave is not only making the life of humans miserable but it is also creating great disturbance in the animal kingdom. The birds are more vulnerable and easily affected. Because of urbanization our natural water reserves are shrinking day by day and are adversely affecting our animal world. Recently we received a […]

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