Parrakeets Rescued from a Bird Market at Jivdaya Charitable Trust, Ahmedabad

Parakeets being given First Aid
Parakeets being given First Aid

Volunteers of an NGO brought us 20 rose-ringed parakeet juveniles from an educational institute, where they had been bought and kept to be released the next day for some function.The sale of wild caught Indian birds under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, is banned. Many of these birds like Rose-ringed Parakeets, Alexandrine Parakeets, Munias of various kinds are all part of the illegal pet trade. The new trend that has now started and quite increased is the “release” trend, where people BUY birds crammed into little cages and then set them FREE. This only creates more demand in the market and the illegal traders are more than happy to oblige to. It is sad to see the low level of awareness and that too in an Educational Institute. People need to change their mind set and stop buying Caged birds.If anything, report to the Police about the actions of the illegal traders.

Parakeets in cage
Parakeets in cage

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