Practice a safe Diwali

Say no to crackers
Say no to crackers

Diwali brings with it a host of firecrackers and their correspondingly
loud noises that pets find difficult to bear
It’s the same old story every Diwali. While thousands of people across the
city celebrate the festival by bursting crackers, animals – both pet and
stray – tremble with fear, as they cannot bear the loud noises. Though
there can only be solace for strays when people stop bursting such loud
crackers, there is still hope for pet animals and their owners.
There’s a good reason that fireworks are considered cruel as they’re a source of terror for many domestic animals and wildlife. Think of dogs and cats as having auditory ‘super-senses’: they hear sounds that we simply cannot detect. Also consider that a noise that sounds loud to us – such as a clap of
thunder or firecracker – delivers an overwhelming, frightening assault on their senses, often causing them to panic.
Using fireworks near animals is both cruel and inhumane as explosive fireworks cause animals immense fear and stress
The ears of most animals are considerably more sensitive than the human ear and fireworks can permanently affect their acute sense of hearing

Many animals are terrified of these noises and break free or jump fences to try and escape the terror
Animals fleeing from fireworks often get lost or killed. Dogs are prone to being hit by cars and birds are prone to breaking their necks by flying into buildings,Dogs are brought to shelters with paws bloody from running or torn skin from tearing through a backyard wooden fence or, worse, crippled from being hit by a car Most birds fly away in fright and nesting mothers endanger the well-being of nestlings when they sometimes cannot find their own nest upon return
Say no to Fire Crackers this Diwali. Practice a Safe and Harmonious Diwali.

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