An Emergency Cesarean of a female Monkey at Jivdaya Trust

The Pregnant Female Monkey before operation
The Pregnant Female Monkey before operation

A female monkey was brought to JCT by some volunteers, as she was having difficulty in moving. On examination the doctor preffered to go in for a x-ray as he thought it to be a case of dystocia. On Radio graph a small fetus was seen. First the doctor went for injections of oxytocin for natural parturition as oxytocin is a uterus contracting agent but unfortunately the monkey did not deliver the baby and hence Dr. Sharva Shah decided to go in for C-Section.
The monkey was taken on general anesthesia and the surgery was performed with a new technique which is also latest in human practices. In this surgery one of the human gynecologist also assisted. According to the older technique the incision was given over the midline in a vertical fashion on the ventral aspect of the body. So with the new technique the site for incision was
On the flank region just cranial to the iliac crest in a transverse fashion the fetus was removed successfully but the baby monkey was already dead in the womb as the mother had met with an accident. Post operatively the monkey was given antibiotics, pain killers and vitamins along with rigorous fluid therapy uneventfully the monkey showed good recovery and is ready to be released.

The doctor removing the dead feaus from the mother's womb
The doctor removing the dead feaus from the mother’s womb

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