A Dog’s broken jaw fixed at Jivdaya Charitable Trust

A dog with dropped jaw was brought to jct from vejalpur area. On examination the dog was found to be suffering from mandibular fracture. Dr. Sharva shah went in for radiology and hence decided to go for surgery. Dr. Sharva Shah took the dog on general anaesthesia and also applied pulse oxymeter to monitor the health of the patient. A complete hematological work was carried out . on x-ray fracture was seen a n both mandibles as well as on the ramus. Dr. Shah reduced the fracture at the ramus by using plate fixation. The mandibles were reduced and apposed using an intramedullary pin on left side and tie-in configuration was also applied where three pins were inserted perpendicular to the mandibles on both the sides. Then an acrylic frame of epoxy type was applied to those pins. Finally the fractures were repaired and the dog was given Elizabethan collar to prevent self mutilation. The dog was out of anesthesia and recovered completely with regular antibiotics and pain killers. after 30 days the dog was released back after removing the frame as well as the plate.

dog ok after surgery
dog ok after surgery

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