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Time: 9:30 AM To 6:00 PM, Monday to Saturday,
Jivdaya Charitable Trust Provides free medical treatment to stray and ownerless animals and birds.
Mobile Animal Clinic :-
  • It provides treatment to animals at its location itself. Treatment is continued till it fully recovers.
Out Patient Department ( O.P.D) :-
  • Animals and birds brought by animal lovers to Jivdaya dispensary are given treatment and returned to the animal lover.
Birds shelter house :-
  • Injured birds are treated by experienced veterinarians and avian experts. Birds which can not fly after treatment are maintained in the Bird's shelter house.
  • Animals and birds seriously injured or sick are admitted to the animal hospital where they are treated under the daily supervision of doctors. They are released only after they fully recover.
  • Jivdaya Charitable Trust was established in 2007, the Trust has so far provider treatment to 23096 Animals and birds.