Poisoning in crows due to unnatural diet during ‘Shrad’

Poisoned crows at Jivdaya's Hospital
Poisoned crows at Jivdaya’s Hospital

We received a call stating, about few crows found to be in critical condition and hence were immediately brought to Jivdaya Charitable Trust by Gita Rambhiar Trust and Sanjivni Trust.
We received 20 crows in critical condition and on examining them, the doctors at Jivdaya Charitable Trust found that the crows were suffering from poisoning. ( symptoms were greenish discharge from mouth and partial paralysis).
All the doctors present at Jivdaya Charitable Trust, immediately did their best and saved 20 crows that were brought at the trust.

We came to know that a rescuer had found these birds in critical condition near Shankar Bhuvan – Shahpur, and had immediately with the help of locals and Geeta Rambhiar Trust as well as Sanjivani trust, managed to rescue few crows by bringing them at Jivdaya Charitable Trust.
The rescuer also informed that since a couple of days the localities have found around 40-50 dead crows.

Mr. Kartik Shastri from Jivdaya Chartiable Trust, commented that during “Shradh”, people feed the crows with food that is not their natural food, which may result in such cases.

Crow being given treatment at Jivdaya
Crow being given treatment at Jivdaya

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