A case of Human Cruelty got to JCT

A Bull whose back was burnt with acid was treated by Jivdaya Charitable Trust’s doctors.

The bull with acid on its back This poor bull was the victim of sheer cruelty as someone threw acid all over his back which was very badly burned, with shin peeling off, our doctors had a tough time treating this poor animal in pain. the burn injury on the bull The bull was very […]

A Coot Causality at Jivdaya Charitable Trust

Rescued coots 40 coots and 1 garganey were rescued from poachers at Nal Sarovar by the Forest department and brought in to us for primary treatment. All the birds had their legs broken and in some cases even the wings. The poor things were destined for hotels and other eateries as delicaises before they were […]

A puppy suffering from PneumoThorax was treated at Jivdaya Charitable Trust

A Little little puppy was bitten by a bigger dog. This pup was brought to Jivdaya for treatment. On examination the doctor discovered that that pup’s lung was punctured and he had trouble breathing. A collapsed lung, or pneumothorax, is the collection of air in the space around the lungs. This buildup of air puts […]

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