Jivdaya Charitable Trust - Uttarayan Volunteer Form

Uttarayan Volunteer Form

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Residence Address*

Passport size photo *

Volunteer Date and Time( Fullday - 7:00 To 22:00) *
13 Jan. 2017, Friday
13 Jan Fri
13 Jan Fri

14 Jan. 2017, Saturday
14 Jan Sat
14 Jan Sat

15 Jan. 2017, Sunday
15 Jan Sun
15 Jan Sun

16 Jan. 2017, Monday
16 Jan Mon
16 Jan Mon

17-31 Jan. 2017
17-31 Jan
17-31 Jan

Work Interest Status *

Have you worked with us before? If yes, please specify in which Year and which department.



Only complete forms will be considered. All information in the form should be correct and appropriate.

  • All filled forms will go through a stringent selection procedure. You will receive a message from our side if and when selected.
  • It is strongly advised to be immunized against tetanus for your time as a volunteer with us. Please consult your physician regarding the same.
  • We expect you to stick to the timings agreed by you in the Volunteer form .
  • If there are any changes in the dates/time committed by you, please let us know at least two days in advance.
  • Once you are allocated a specific work in a specific department, you are expected to carry out the work sincerely. You are also expected to follow instructions from your coordinators.
  • All volunteers must attend training sessions and meetings organized by us.
  • Volunteers under the age of 18 should get a consent form from their parents.
  • JCT holds the right to terminate the volunteer in case of any misconduct or indiscipline.
  • JCT will not be responsible for any accident or mishap during volunteering term.
I have read and fully understood these conditions, and I hereby agree to abide by them.* ( Please check/tick the box to complete the


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