Jivdaya Charitable Trust - Uttarayan Volunteer Form

Uttarayan Volunteer Form

Gender * MaleFemale

Driving License? * YesNo

Employed? * YesNo

Residence Address*

Employment Address*

Passport size photo *

Photo Id Proof *
Any one of Aadhar Card / Passport / Driving License / Voter ID card. (Only Jpg / PNG)


Special Training / Skills / Hobbies *

if you are connected with any Volunteer group / organization/ Rescuer group?
Are you connected? * YesNo

If Yes, then specify name of organization, total period of work and Experience.

Uttarayan – Save The Bird Campaign-2020- Time Schedule

Volunteer Date and Time (Fullday - 08:00 To 21:00) *
13 Jan. 2019, Monday
13 Jan Sun
13 Jan Sun

14 Jan. 2019, Tuesday
14 Jan Mon
14 Jan Mon

15 Jan. 2019, Wednesday
15 Jan Tue
15 Jan Tue

16 Jan. 2019, Thursday
16 Jan Wed
16 Jan Wed

17-31 Jan. 2019
17-31 Jan
17-31 Jan

Other dates post USBC-2020 (Write the date and shift timing of your choice)

Morning Shift Time: 09:30 To 13:30 AND Evening Shift Time 14:00 to 18:00 *
Select in "M" for Morning Shift and "E" for Evening Shift
17 to 19 Jan 2020
17-19 Jan
17-19 Jan

20 to 22 Jan 2020
20-19 Jan
20-19 Jan

23 to 25 Jan 2020
23-25 Jan
23-25 Jan

26 to 28 Jan 2020
26-28 Jan
26-28 Jan

29 to 31 Jan 2020
29-31 Jan
29-31 Jan

Do You Have Asthma or any type of Respiratory allergies? *

Tetanus Vaccination taken? * YesNo



Contact Person

  • Moumita Chaterjee ( Senior Program Manager, JCT)
  • Ratiranjan Mahapatra (Program Manager, JCT)
  • Sumeet Gurbani ( AGM, JCT)

Only complete forms will be considered. All information in the form should be correct and appropriate.

  • Your forms will be short-listed and approved by the Authority.
  • Once everything is finalised, you will be intimidated the Training dates for Campaign Volunteering.
  • It is mandatory to attend Training and then only you may be finally confirmed as a Volunteer for the Campaign
  • We expect you to stick to the timings agreed by you in the Volunteer form.
  • If there are any changes in the dates/time committed by you, please let us know at least two days in advance.
  • By submittin the form, I accept my position as a Volunteer in the department allotted to me and will abide by the rules, protocols and conditions laid by the Management of Jivdaya Charitable Trust.
  • Volunteers under the age of 18 should get a consent form from their parents.
  • JCT holds the right to terminate the volunteer in case of any misconduct or indiscipline.
  • JCT will not be responsible for any accident or mishap during volunteering term.

I have read and fully understood these conditions, and I hereby agree to abide by them.* ( Please check/tick the box to complete the process.)

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