Acid Burn Case of a puppy was got to Jivdaya Charitable Trust

A case of acid burn got to JCT
A case of acid burn got to JCT

Acid Burn Case in puppies have been treated at Jivdaya Charitable Trust, the inhumanity in some people has reached up to this extent that they do not think twice before burning little puppies with acid.

In this pup’s case 40% of its body was burnt because of someone’s demonic behavior, we here at Jivdaya can hardly comprehend how much pain this puppy must be in! We are putting in all the efforts we can to save this life! We have consulted an human burnt specialist to make sure such cases are treated properly and that their personal care can be taken in the most efficient manner which would help us to save more lives.

After the treatment of the puppy
After the treatment of the puppy

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