Jivdaya Charitable Trust - History


August 2007, saw the start of an NGO, dedicated to provide the best and free medical treatment to the ownerless and injured /sick animals and birds in the city of Ahmedabad. On receiving a call about an animal found sick or injured; our Call centre forwards the complaint to the Ambulance Van allocated in that area for treatment. If the need be, the animal is brought at the Hospital for Major operation. Once it starts recovering it is sent back to its vicinity. All this has been possible only because of the generous donations given by thoughtful citizens like you. Minor surgeries or operations can be performed on the spot. This results in a higher survival ratio and is less stressful for the animal.

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On Spot treatment by Jivdaya

At Jivdaya Charitable Trust we have special Mobile Clinics that...

A Tortoise with a smashed shell got to JCT for treatment

a badly smashed shell of the tortoise A case...

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