A dog was brought by a family from Rakhial for its operation to Jivdaya Trust

The dog before treatment
The dog before treatment

A family from Rakhial came down to Ahmedabad to get their stray dog’s cesarean done.
The family was so attached to the dog that they wanted the best treatment to be given to her. They first went to a Private hospital for surgery but were turned down by them being told that they will have to come the next day as the doctors were not available & were also told that they will have to pay a sum of 3000 rs for the surgery. In spite of them being very ordinary people they collected the amount and hoping for the best reached the Hospital again the next day, unfortunately they were again turned down, and were told that the hospital was closed. The family was very tensed with this as they were worried about their dog’s health as she had been suffering and was in labor for all these days but could not deliver the puppies on her own. They then later got to know about JIVDAYA CHARITABLE TRUST and got their dog here. When Dr Sharva Shah saw the case he immediately opted for surgery. The operation went on for 2 hours and 8 people from that family patiently waited out side the OT for the ‘good news’. Which was soon delivered to them by our staff that 2 out of 3 babies were saved and if the dog would have got to JCT in time all the pups could have survived.

C-Section on the dog is being performed
C-Section on the dog is being performed

They went home only after they were assured that their dog was okay. And then after a few days they came back to take their dog once the period of keeping it under observation was over.
They were very happy to see their dog in good health and the dog was equally happy to go back with its family. They really thanked the doctor and the staff for saving their beloved dog’s life.

The dog handed over to the family
The dog handed over to the family

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