A Dedicated worker at Jivdaya Charitable Trust

Shyam bhai giving physiotherapy to dogs
Shyam bhai giving physiotherapy to dogs

Shyam Rao… This is one name that brings a Smile to each person’s face at JCT.
Genius is his designation.. And sometimes it feels as if it’s an understatement as he totally is somebody who has knowledge about each animal present at JCT and amazing hold on his work for the Personal Care department. His dedication towards and for the betterment of the ailing animals here is noteworthy. He sure is an animal lover and his passion for these animals makes him stretch his work hours and invest his time to these creatures that he loves.
He is solely responsible for giving Physiotherapy to spinal dogs which has worked wonders for them, and have changed their lives around making them independent once again.
He has proved to be a blessing to these animals and to us. He has been working with us since the very beginning, first as a volunteer and now as a full time personal care taker of the animal section. And we hope that his magic keeps working for the betterment for as many animals as possible!


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