A charity event was organised for Jivdaya Charitable Trust

The certificate of appreciation being handed over.
The certificate of appreciation being handed over.

On the 7th of September 2014, Sunday at Town Hall, a musical night event Titled “ALL TIME ONCE-MORE SONGS OF GOLDEN ERA” was organized and managed by Mr. Dinesh Turakhia & friends. For Jivdaya Charitable Trust.

The ongoing performances
The ongoing performances

The singers who performed at the event were Bankim Pathak,
Neeraj Pathak, Salim Malik, Daksha Gohil and Dr. Payal Vakhariya, and music was by Sandip Christian.
This event was a Charity event for Jivdaya, we highly appreciate the efforts of the organisers and also of the people who were a part of it in anyway. They made it such a grand success!

JCT's counter outside the hall
JCT’s counter outside the hall

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